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Recent Updates and Announcements

— A full-blown brand and website makeover with a brand new URL! Don’t worry the address will still bring you here for a while longer.
— Featured on Michael J. Snow’s Artist Spotlight!
Now raising money for Black Lives via She’s the First!
— Now on Patreon to raise money for Black Lives via The National Bail Out!
Petition, fund, and organization lists are finally available via Blood, Ink, and Roses… And they’re constantly being updated!
Interview with C.A. Campbell
Interview with Find Indie Books
— Newly a brand representative for (1) FNX, (2) NKD, and (3) Boss Babes (see “Endorsements” page on main menu and/or Instagram feed below)
— Two brand new books as of Spring 2020: Cerulean and The Book of Soft, Sweet Nothings
Armageddon just announced as a 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Award finalist! Also listed by The US Review of Books.
— Poetry and flash fiction recently published in Prometheus Dreaming‘s new book, Prometheus Unbound, Conclave: Outliers (2020) by Balkan Press, and through The Jessie Butler Women’s Poetry Contest, celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States: She Speaks Up!
— Photography and digital art recently published in (1) The Moving Force Journal and (2) The Haberdasher
— Visual art recently exhibited in the Light Space & Time 10th Annual Figurative show, receiving a Special Recognition in the “Photography & Digital” Category
— Poetry soon to be published in So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, and (3) in Asylum Magazine
— Armageddon has a brand new cover as of June 2020!

— Last, but certainly not least, the pre-order link for Book No. 7 is finally up! “10 by 27” begins on my 26th birthday, July 24th, 2020., with the official release of White Rose. Stay tuned! More info can be found HERE.

New poetry releases

queer poetry 2020

Metallic 20 x 30 limited edition photo prints currently available for sale online through the stARTup Art Fair! #QuarantineArtSolutions

ami j. sanghvi photographer

Learn more HERE.

“The Sky wept sparkling
We drained the gold
From her veins.”
— “Champagne” by Ami J. Sanghvi
(Book: Armageddon)

Blog Post(s) of the Week (Blood, Ink, and Roses)


“Elizabeth”/”May,” by Kelli Green (A Short Story/Book Review)

“Here’s the thing…

I don’t usually read novels. I can’t say I really read more than three in a single year and, as time goes on, I find myself more and more immersed in poetry, lyric essay, critical theory, memoir, and other forms.

Something I do read slightly more occasionally, however, is the well-written short story.

I know of Kelli Green and her work from Twitter and, from the time before she released May (her debut novel and Book 1 of The Green Ivy Series), “Elizabeth.” Anyone who follows Green on Twitter knows she’s an extremely unique, intelligent, and grounded human being, and that played a major role in my decision to purchase and read “Elizabeth.” And let me tell you…

It. Was. Amazing.

Keep reading.


Petitions: Where to Find Them, and Where to Sign Them (#BlackLivesMatter)

“As promised, here’s a collection of petitions you can [and absolutely should] be signing right now. I’ll be updating this as I find more, and I’ll also be posting more resource lists on my website in the coming days/weeks/months/etc. If you’re searching for ways you can help or more places to find information, check back soon or try this page on for size.

I know this probably feels like a lot, but in the greater scope of things, it really isn’t.

Just stay with me and power through; sign every single one of these.

Basic human rights above all else, you know?”

Keep reading.


She’s the First (Birthday Fundraiser)

“Nearly twenty-six years ago on July 24th, 1994, my Naani delivered me in an emergency home-birth situation and, as a result, saved my life. Last summer, on July 1st, 2019, she passed away with my mother and I directly by her side. It was difficult, but it also made our family’s mission and passion to help girls complete their education feel more urgent.

As some of you already know, my late Naani was a feminist who understood the importance of education for young girls in a patriarchal world, and advocated for it [among many other things] her entire life. She was a doctor in India back in a time when it was frowned upon for women to work, least of all as doctors. Later on, she became a young widow and single mother in a society full of people who looked down on her for her situation (and wrongly so).”

Keep reading.


White “Allies”: Two Ways Not to be Fucking Obnoxious on Social Media Right Now

“1. Don’t post a posed photo of your white self and posed, pouty lips…

Immediately followed by the dying words of a black man who was murdered by the police in your caption which, upon clicking the read “more” option, flows out into a poem “you” wrote by essentially copying and pasting (stealing) variations of things black people have said, written, and/or begged, pleaded, and cried (often during their dying moments).”

Keep reading.


Writing for a Cause (#BLM)

“The United States of Racism is a hell-hole, Black Lives Matter, I used to go to law school, and I really love my mom. These are just a few of the many reasons why I’m currently writing on Patreon — so I can donate my proceeds to The National Bail Out, also known for the #FreeBlackMamas movement due to the emphasis they put on getting black mothers out of prison.

Keep reading.

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