Recent Updates and Announcements

— A full-blown brand and website makeover with a brand new URL! Don’t worry the address will still bring you here for a while longer.
New blog posts!
— Upcoming email newsletter!
— New Instagram handle and aesthetic: @eyebrowsandroses
— Now on (1) YouTube and (2) TikTok (@eyebrowsandroses)
— Art on sale through the stARTup Art Fair during the quarantine (more info below)
— Newly a brand representative for (1) FNX, (2) NKD, and (3) Boss Babes (see “Endorsements” page on main menu and/or Instagram feed below)
— Two brand new books: Cerulean and The Book of Soft, Sweet Nothings
Armageddon just announced as a 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Award finalist! Also listed by The US Review of Books.
— Poetry recently published in Prometheus Dreaming‘s new book, Prometheus Unbound
— Photography and digital art recently published in (1) The Moving Force Journal and (2) The Haberdasher
— Visual art recently exhibited in the Light Space & Time 10th Annual Figurative show, receiving a Special Recognition in the “Photography & Digital” Category
— Poetry soon to be published (1) in Conclave: Outliers (2020) by Balkan Press, (2) through The Jessie Butler Women’s Poetry Contest, celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States, (3) in So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, and (4) in Asylum Magazine
— Last, but certainly not least, only 60 days left (countdown starting on May 25th, 2020) before the pre-order link for the mysterious Book No. 7 launches! “10 by 27” starts on my 26th birthday: July 24th, 2020. Stay tuned for that!

Metallic 20 x 30 limited edition photo prints currently available for sale online through the stARTup Art Fair! #QuarantineArtSolutions

ami j. sanghvi photographer

Learn more HERE.

“The Sky wept sparkling
We drained the gold
From her veins.”
— “Champagne” by Ami J. Sanghvi
(Book: Armageddon)

Blog Post(s) of the Week (Blood, Ink, and Roses)

Private Poems Mostly, by Chris Mahan (A Book Review)

“In an age where instant gratification is all the rage and accountability is a lost art, Christopher Mahan rises above the current social climate in his poetry collection, Private Poems Mostly.

I found Mahan and his poetry through Twitter and discovered even more of it through his Patreon account. This is a man who lives his life for, by, and within poetry, never hesitating and never faltering in his dedication. I’ve also discovered he often takes the trouble to response to his mutuals with carefully crafted, poetic answers and comments. At other times, he shares slivers of his process, which is always strong-willed, extensive, passionate, and tremendously thorough.”

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YouTube Video(s) of the Week (Celebrity Satire)

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