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A Social Distancing Mother’s Day Post

Ami J. Sanghvi
Since my mom doesn’t really do social media or blog posts, I’ll do my Mother’s Day post a little differently than I might otherwise.

About a week and a half ago, I needed help getting my sleep schedule back on track (#quarantineproblems), and I’m a very heavy sleeper so my alarms weren’t helping much.

Therefore, I finally sucked up my pride and asked my mom for help. She’s three hours ahead of me, so I asked her to call me around 7 a.m. my time, 10 a.m. hers.

Before long, my sleep cycle was back on track…

But when I continued asking her to call me (for “good measure”), she didn’t argue, complain, or ask questions.

She just understood.

She still calls me every morning not so much as to wake me up (since I’m back on track now), but to make sure I hear another human voice and have a human conversation everyday, even if it’s a brief one and I’m groggy for most of it.

I’m a full-grown adult with an inherent loner/independent personality, yet she still wants to make sure I wake up to something nice every morning.

Her tone is always kind; she hasn’t missed a day in nearly two weeks now; she never complains; she never judges.

Some mornings, I wake up to my early alarms I set to start disturbing me, and then I wait for her to call me anyway before I actually climb out of bed.


If your mom is alive and you’re on good enough terms with her, don’t forget to give her a phone call, thank her, and tell her you love her.

Not just today, on Mother’s Day, but on other days of the year as well.

Sure, I might lose a few dollars to my friend if I don’t accomplish my goal of finishing this essay for class by tomorrow morning (that’s a story for another time), but to be honest, I really don’t care.

I can’t wait to call my mom later and talk to her for as long as she wants, even if that means getting backed up on my to-do list for today.

In conclusion, Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

Make today great.

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