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5 Reasons Why Abella Eyewear is Everything

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If you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram, you might know I’m a brand ambassador for a handful of companies. Of course, this includes Abella Eyewear.

For context, you should know that in the past two and a half years of my life (December 2017-May 2020), I’ve received dozens of offers to become a brand ambassador. I was new to the game when these started coming in; for the first six months, I accepted as many positions with as many companies as I could.

It wasn’t long before I fell head first into the dark side of brand ambassadorship or, as some like to call it, Instagram modeling. Not every company I worked with was legitimate, and some were even running scams!

After many intense email correspondences with these companies and a few overdue Instagram posts, I finally opted out of their brand ambassador programs.

However, amidst all this chaos, I also had the opportunity to link up with a few great companies I still collaborate with to this day.

One of these blessed companies is Abella Eyewear!    

Joining Abella’s ambassador program was one of the best decisions I made in 2018; renewing my partnership with them in 2019 was yet another terrific choice.

So, if you’ll spare a few moments, I’ll share the 5 reasons why I think Abella Eyewear is everything.

1. They converted me into a sunglass-loving, shade-wearing person.

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That’s right; I never really cared much for sunglasses, or even wore them [unless I absolutely had to protect my eyes]. Even when I first signed on with Abella as a brand ambassador, I wasn’t sure if I was up to the task of rocking sunglasses for an company which actually centers around them.

Then, I checked out their website, saw all their stunning selections, and suddenly, I was hooked.

I picked out a few pairs, and fell in love with both Abella and sunglasses in general.

The rest is history.

2. All their sunglasses are of excellent quality.


The quality of Abella sunglasses is almost unreal. They’re not kidding when they say their shades hold up against those from “big name” designers. Abella’s sunglasses are heavy, sturdy, resilient, and, all in all, gorgeous. I’m not afraid to call a company out on charging me for low quality items, but the thought of doing so has never crossed my mind with Abella. I have no complains whatsoever about any of the [probably ten to twelve now] pairs of sunglasses I’ve received from them.

They’re all perfect.

Since we’re here, I also want to mention that I’ve never received anything damaged from Abella; everything always arrives immaculate, protected by stylish and extremely sturdy cases, in addition to responsible packaging. They even include separate polishing cloths for each item!

Furthermore, even inside their cases, the sunglasses are always wrapped in soft, black pouches which serve as yet another layer of protection.

3. They always have a diverse and ever-fashionable selection of sunglasses for their customers and brand ambassadors. 


Even as a fashion lover myself, I tend to hide under my own rock of minimalism and retro styles from time to time (read: almost always). Abella keeps me in the loop when it comes to current trends while also offering vintage styles for old-school fanatics like myself. Additionally [and thanks entirely to them], I’m finally catching up on everything I missed during my twenty-three years of dodging sunglasses.

Just know this: with Abella, there’s something for everyone.

4. I don’t have to adjust the rest of my wardrobe around their products; rather, their sunglasses enhance the items I already own.

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After seeing all the other Instagram models rocking the latest fashions all over my social media (wikiHow, believe it or not, has the down-low on this one… for some reason), I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the right aesthetic to rock trendy sunglasses like Abella’s.

Then, my first few pairs of Abella shades arrived in the mail; I tried them on and realized that, maybe, just maybe I could pull this whole thing off without abandoning my personal aesthetic.

And, I was right.

The sunglasses? They actually all went with my clothes — both the trendier pieces, and the stranger ones! Better yet, they actually made my outfits look better than they would’ve without a pair of Abella sunglasses as the cherry on top.

5. Their brand ambassador program is amazing.

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They keep in touch with their brand ambassadors, make sure we get our chance at ordering new products before they’re all gone, give us hefty discounts, and, all in all, support us in our many social media endeavors.

In turn, I think it’s safe to assume that their customer service regarding non-ambassadors is equally stellar, if not even more so!


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In conclusion, the next time you see me post online about Abella Eyewear, don’t be afraid to check them out and use my personal promocode, AMI30, at checkout for a li’l ol’ discount.

You’ll be so glad you bought a pair [or three, or four, or five…] especially now that the hot, sunny weather is back and here to stay for a while.

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