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Be a REAL Ally; Don’t Tell Black People How to Feel About Being Systemically Murdered

Here’s your daily, not-so friendly reminder that we (white people/non-black PoC) do not get to tell black people how to feel, react, etc. to quite literally being murdered by the same officials sworn to protect us. That this is the norm in our nation, let alone happens at all, is entirely unconscionable.

If you are a white person/non-black PoC and it bothers you that we do not get to tell black people how to feel, react, etc. to their literal genocide, ask yourself why that is. The sooner you dissect your reasoning, the sooner you can get your head out of your ass and help out.

Of course, there is much, much more we all need to be doing, so this isn’t by any means the extent of how you can be a real ally right now. Consider this a call for the absolute minimum behavior we need to be seeing from white people and non-black PoC currently and always.

If this post makes you feel uncomfortable and you’re still trying to dictate how black folks think, feel, grieve, and react, do better and be better…

And don’t dawdle. America needs you on board right now.

If you already have your mindset straight as an ally (and even if you don’t), then this is a great moment for you to be donating your time, money, and/or whatever else you can to the cause. I currently have an ongoing effort to raise some funds for the National Bail Out, but do your own research on organizations, fundraisers, and individuals that can really use your help right now. My way is only one of many, and I’m still doing what I can for other anti-racism/black organizations in addition to the National Bail Out.

You should, too, wherever possible.

I’ll post resources soon.

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