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My WASP Ex-Boyfriend Told Me I Was Overreacting

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A few weeks before Trump was elected president, I told my essentially WASP ex-boyfriend of 2+ years (who I actually finally had to dump a week later for numerous reasons) that there would be a revolution in the next four years.

He told me I was overreacting.

On the actual night Trump was elected president, I sobbed profusely, shaking and struggling to catch my breath. I had just earned my Political Science B.A. and was a J.D. Candidate who knew the next 4-8 years would be a living hell our nation would never entirely recover from.

He told me I was overreacting.

I told him anyone who wasn’t exactly like him was in danger, and that I was afraid for all women and PoC, as well as all LGBTQIA, non-Christian, etc. folks who would “die” (read: be murdered) under our new administration. Myself, my family, my friends, and all these people I didn’t even know were suddenly in extremely grave danger under a Trump presidency, a type of peril worse than anything most of us had ever known.

He told me I was overreacting.

Now it’s 2020, and I know I was right, just as I knew I was right back then (despite my ex’s best attempts to gaslight me). Nevertheless, I have to wonder how many other marginalized people like myself had their concerns, grief, and fear invalidated by highly-privileged folks like my ex-boyfriend. We already felt what they can never truly understand and, in that, it was easy for them, the people will privilege, to make us believe we were overreacting. This presidency will leave most of them virtually untouched while the most oppressed among us shall be made to pick up the pieces.

I’d wonder what he’s doing right now if I wasn’t already certain he’s doing absolutely nothing while black people are being murdered in our streets. Horribly enough, this is the norm here in the United States of America.

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  1. […] I took a Buzzfeed test a little while back that said I have more privilege than 33% of people in this nation. Even at that percentage, I understand that there is a monumental number people less privileged than me in the United States alone who need Trump out of office even more than I do. […]

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