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Petitions [and Social Media] are Actually Effective in a Revolution; Here’s Why

why petitions are important

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet (though you really should have by now), they’re finally reopening the case of Elijah McClain’s murder!


Because of all the signatures his petition(s) received!

This is wonderful news! However, this is also in direct contradiction to all the rumors floating around that petitions and social media are useless and an utter waste of time…

But believe me: they’re not.

For those of you talking down on petitions, the reopening of the case of Elijah McClain’s murder is proof of why they matter. Petitions draw the attention of both the masses and the media, help raise money for the cause, put pressure on wealthy celebrities and the establishment, move social justice cases on to the next phase, etc.

As for social media, our posts function on several levels.

One of these, of course, is information sharing and increased circulation of grave injustices our authorities might otherwise try to suppress. This is among the many reasons why using hashtags and continuing to post about things help so much. In fact…

Never underestimate the power of social media.

I was a Political Science major and took an entire class on social media fueled revolutions. Additionally, social media continued to come up as I moved through my degree in the second half of college.

Of course, this isn’t to say that social media is enough. We must all do more than simply tweet about injustice. But social media is still a deeply effective supplement to any revolution and/or movement. Speaking of which…


*** Here’s a list of ways you can help fight for her today.


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