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Any Vote That Isn’t for Biden is a Vote for Four More Years of Trump — Check Your Privilege and Think Before You Vote

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, left, and Senator Kamala Harris stand on stage during a presidential candidate debate in Michigan, U.S. (Photographer: Anthony Lanzilote/Bloomberg)

The Right is united; they know exactly who they want for the 46th President of the United States, and they will do whatever it takes to keep him in office.

The Left, meanwhile, is extremely divided. Despite the fact that we all share the common goal of booting our current president and national nightmare out of office, we are currently not as on track to get Trump out office as we might like to think. This is because our persistent internal disputes will be our downfall in this coming election (once again) if we can’t put them aside for the time being and agree to #VoteBlue.

By that, I don’t just mean “Vote Liberal.” No, I mean we’re completely and utterly screwed if we do not put our entire weight behind the official Democratic ticket of Biden and Harris this November (read: in these coming weeks, via the graphic at the end of this post).

Unfollow and block me on social media if you erasing this opinion from your feed will make you feel better, but the truth is that we are all out of options. Even as a former Syracuse 1L Law student (Biden’s Alma Mater) and first-generation Indian-American for Black Lives who would just love to see a woman (!!!) with Harris’s cultural/racial background in office, I understand that this is not by any means the perfect Democratic ticket. Both Biden and Harris have problematic aspects to them that shouldn’t be forgotten (see below), and I know how many of you wanted Bernie.

Regardless, neither of these things changes the fact that voting for Biden and Harris is our final hope.

Image retrieved from @climatediva on Instagram

Not only are we in the middle of a pandemic that Trump continues to enable in addition to a critical moment in the Black Lives Matter movement that he simultaneously insists on working against, but women, BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), LGBTQIA+ folks, immigrants, people with disabilities, religious minorities, poor people, and so many other marginalized groups {not to mention Mother Earth herself} absolutely cannot survive another four years under this administration.

We are in some serious, very real danger here, and if you’re coming from a place of any privilege whatsoever and still planning to support someone else, you need to seriously consider how and why this isn’t your moment to vote against the Biden-Harris ticket.

I took a Buzzfeed test a little while back that said I have more privilege than 33% of people in this nation. Even at that percentage, I understand that there is a monumental number of people less privileged than me in the United States alone who need Trump out of office even more than I do.

Let’s break this down.

According to the United States Census Bureau and Eurostat, there were 328.2 million people living in this country in 2019. Thirty-three percent of that equals 108,306,000. According to Worldometer, that 33% amounts to around 6 million more people than the entire population of Egypt in 2020.

That, my friends, is far too many human beings struggling to survive under severe amounts of systemic injustice, violence, cruelty, oppression, and discrimination.

Image retrieved from ericeffiiong on Tumblr

My friends, let me say how sorry I am that things worked out the way they did. Nevertheless, it is what it is for now unless we make the pragmatic decision to unite for the Biden-Harris ticket this fall. If we can get blue candidates in office now, we have a fighting chance at change in this nation and an actual future.

If not…

Furthermore, don’t forget that Trump is putting a ton of effort into getting his people (primarily racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, etc. etc. conservative white men, or else very minor variations on this theme) on the Supreme Court bench, and SUPREME COURT JUSTICES SERVE FOR LIFE.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer are quite literally hanging in there despite very old age [and persistent cancer for the former]. Too much rides on their abilities to maintain their respective positions on the bench until Trump is out, and honestly speaking, it’s an absolute travesty that they can’t retire until we have another Democrat in office.

This is especially significant since Trump has expressed determination to create a stark Republican majority on the Court, and so far, his efforts have been rather successful. To those who follow politics closely, the overwhelming opinion [based on a healthy cocktail of speculation, observation, and common sense] is that that they will continue to be.

Exhibit A: Remember Brett Kavanaugh?

Yeah, that guy is now a Supreme Court Justice, and is very much there to stay, all thanks to Trump and his cronies. Worse yet, the guy is only 55 years old. Cheers to another 30+ years with the villainous Kavanaugh making the big calls on how justice applies in this nation [assuming he remains in good health and dies naturally of old age].

The decisions the Supreme Court make serve as the “Law of the Land” for what is generally a very, very long time to come (until [and unless] they’re overturned). This is the power vested in them by the United States Constitution.

Think about what this means for us with Trump’s people in those extremely powerful positions; the Constitution is the “Law of the Land” as we know it in the United States, and one of the major roles of the Supreme Court in this nation is to interpret its text accordingly, therefore acting as the final authority on what the legal text governing our entire country means in actual execution.

In the Left’s hands, this will mean humane rulings for justice, equality, and other great things. In the wrong hands, such as Trump’s nominees, it spells nothing but devastation, cruelty, and disaster specially tailored for the most vulnerable among us.

“July 31, 2019 — Detroit, Michigan, U.S. JOE BIDEN and KAMALA HARRIS pose for the photo spray during a commercial break at the second of two Democratic Debates in Detroit hosted by CNN and sanctioned by the DNC. (Credit Image: © Brian Cahn/ZUMA Wire)”

Vote for Biden and Harris, and dethrone Trump in the process. Once the two of them are in office, hold them accountable and make their lives a living hell if they’re not fighting for progressive change as well as they should.

I’m not against doing that; in fact, I encourage it. The Biden-Harris administration is a major step in the right direction, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of room for improvement. Such is the ever-flawed human condition, especially in the case of politicians and other public officials.

But first, in order for that to happen, the entire Left has to unite and vote for the Biden-Harris ticket this fall. This is the only chance we have at getting rid of this presidential plague on humanity we call Donald Trump.

In addition, the GOP is depending on our division, internal dispute, and indecision to continue their wretched reign over this broken nation. This time around, we must prove them wrong. We have no other choice.

I know it’s not fair to have to vote for imperfect candidates, and that temporarily supporting their transgressions goes against personal, core convictions for some of us. Nevertheless, the reality is that we just have to suck it up, temporarily put our views on fairness and integrity as they apply to Biden and Harris aside, and accept the Democratic Party’s picks for this election by endorsing them on our ballots this fall.

It’s either that, or regretfully accepting another four years of living in grave peril under the Trump administration, knowing full well that we threw millions upon millions of lives and futures under the bus.


Don’t be that person and vote against us by not voting for the official Democratic ticket this fall. Don’t use the absolute worst and most inopportune moment to try and singlehandedly dismantle the two-party system our nation has known since the drafting of our Constitution and, therefore, its very founding.

It won’t work in the present climate, and humans and humanity alike will suffer for your futile and premature third-candidate voting inclinations.

In conclusion, idealism has its place, but unfortunately for us, that place is not the 2020 United States Presidential Election — at least not if we want to live long enough to vote again in future elections.

Image retrieved from @attnwhitepeople on Instagram

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