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White “Allies”: Two Ways Not to be Fucking Obnoxious on Social Media Right Now

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1. Don’t post a posed photo of your white self and posed, pouty lips… Immediately followed by the dying words of a black man who was murdered by the police in your caption which, upon clicking the read “more” option, flows out into a poem “you” wrote by essentially copying and pasting (stealing) variations of …

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5 Reasons Why Abella Eyewear is Everything

beach babe

If you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram, you might know I’m a brand ambassador for a handful of companies. Of course, this includes Abella Eyewear. For context, you should know that in the past two and a half years of my life (December 2017-May 2020), I’ve received dozens of offers to become a …

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An “Ode” to My “6 by 26”

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With three months to go before my 26th birthday (a little under two now), I achieved the milestone of writing my first six books and releasing them out into the world. Unlike my upcoming “10 by 27” (inspired by my “6 by 26”) this wasn’t planned; it just happened. Therefore, and before my 26th birthday, …

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Private Poems Mostly, by Chris Mahan (A Book Review)

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In an age where instant gratification is all the rage and accountability is a lost art, Christopher Mahan rises above the current social climate in his poetry collection, Private Poems Mostly. I found Mahan and his poetry through Twitter and discovered even more of it through his Patreon account. This is a man who lives …

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Suite for Barbara Loden, by Nathalie Léger (A Book Review)

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I read Nathalie Léger‘s Suite for Barbara Loden, and now I’m going to rant about it. I’m not going to lie —  I didn’t even plan on reading it in the beginning. It was assigned for class, but I missed the screening of Wanda, the movie this reading is based on. I learned about the …

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Why Joining the Twitter #WritingCommunity and Becoming an Indie Author Are Two of the Best Decisions I Ever Made for Myself

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One of my absolute favorite things about being an independent author is the level of transparency I’m able to have with my readership. I have the extraordinary privilege of involving my readers, potential readers, friends, family, followers, and sometimes even authors aspiring to go indie in every single step of my writing and publishing processes …

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10 Times Cheryl Blossom Made Riverdale Absolutely Worth It

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(Spoiler alerts!) I’ll just come out and say it: Riverdale is an absolute dumpster fire of a television show. My cousin once said it’s the trash show she watches while painting her nails, texting her friends, and fighting a hangover from the weekend on a Sunday afternoon. This 100% checks out. I described Riverdale as …

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A Social Distancing Mother’s Day Post

Ami J. Sanghvi

Since my mom doesn’t really do social media or blog posts, I’ll do my Mother’s Day post a little differently than I might otherwise. About a week and a half ago, I needed help getting my sleep schedule back on track (#quarantineproblems), and I’m a very heavy sleeper so my alarms weren’t helping much. Therefore, …