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Preceding The Book of Soft, Sweet Nothings, Cerulean is Sanghvi’s fourth poetry collection and fifth published book.

Paperback Release Date: March 12th, 2020

Kindle Release Date: March 13th, 2020

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Trauma, mental illness, attention-deficiency, aches, ailments, and sentimental bearings:

Cerulean is the poetry book that takes it all the way there and doesn’t beg for forgiveness along the way. It trudges both onward and backwards without apologizing, the author launching herself and her readers into pain, despair, bewilderment, blood, gore, self-imprisonment, mental battlegrounds, and her own, demonic undertakings in a way she never has before.

This collection represents the twistings and turnings which arose from the author ‘s attempt to finally release her early adulthood into her haunted past, only to discover that the latter is, and always will be, among the most inevitable parts of her existence.

The only difference between then and now?

The introduction of anticipation, aspiration, and expectation: all the sentiments and places the author has never dared to explore before…

Until Cerulean.


“Cerulean was honest, emotionally riveting poetry and inspiration for conquering our demons, so to speak. If you or anyone you care for has fought to maintain their mental health, you’ll easily recognize the battles and dreams of this poet as you read. One of my favorites was Hibiscus for the raw account of struggling with self medicating and your mental health.

I appreciated the deep exploration of the self and the courage shown in writing these poems. Another favorite poem was Pai Mei. This is not my first collection by this poet and I plan on reading more of her work. If you enjoy darker poetry and appreciate raw honesty, then you should look at her work!”

R.K., Amazon

“An unapologetic and deep exploration of the self, Cerulean is a work of art, one which showcases both the exceptional talent of the writer and the extraordinary courage she has. Each poem has depth and poignancy, and you can feel the power of the emotion in each and every word. Absolutely amazing, no question about it!”

Jordan, Amazon (International Review)

“This collection of poetry and art was powerful and touching in every way. Sanghvi has a way of putting her raw emotions on the page and somehow dragging yours out with them. I felt the pain but even more so , I felt the hope & and I definitely appreciated the artistry. I would recommend this book along with her other works. She never disappoints.”

Kelli Green, Goodreads and Amazon

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