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Devolution is Sanghvi’s first poetic-prose collection and second published book.

Print and Kindle editions published: December 17th, 2018: April 1st, 2019

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Hellish, bewildered, disillusioned, and melancholy…

It was upon the poetic pages of his renowned Divine Comedy that Dante Alighieri ascended. He famously commenced his journey in Inferno, and later reached Paradiso.

The speaker in Devolution, however, is on a slightly different journey. Rather than drawing nearer to Paradiso, she can only journey further away from bliss. It is by God’s design that our tragic heroine continues to slip and fall, and it is by His will that she descends.

Will she find redemption before the pages run inkless, or will she be doomed to the depraved depths of Inferno forevermore?


Only Time will tell.

Gorgeously wrought prose poetry – sometimes overcomplicated – that challenges religious assumptions with tragic fury…

Ami J. Sanghvi’s ‘Devolution’ is a rare beast; a collection of prose poetry with the fire and bite of 20- and 21st century confessional and political literature, and the linguistic mastery and complexity of the 18th-19th century classics. ‘Devolution’ is an intertextual work – like fanfiction, it engages with a prior text, in this case Dante’s Inferno, and challenges its ideas. ‘Devolution’ does an absolutely beautiful job of this. It pulls out a lot of Inferno’s assumptions, challenges notions about the Christian God himself, and beneath it all is an anger that many of us can understand if not directly share. I also really appreciate that the author of this collection – a direct response to Dante and a criticism of Christianity’s historical doctrines – is a queer, Indian woman.

Particularly of note is how hard it is to have writing this complex and flowery carry an emotional punch. Often, writers have to choose between emotional weight and ‘artistic’ prose. Sanghvi disposes with this choice entirely and just does both… excited to see more of Sanghvi’s work!”

— Elliot Dunstan, Goodreads and Reedsy Discovery

“Ami is a talented poet, writer, and artist whose work reflects her unique spirit and strength for creative and imaginative expression. Each of her works lives in its own space and has its own style and each is brilliant in its own way. This is another winner.”

Michael Snow, Amazon

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