Exhibitor (Photography): Light Space & Time‘s “10th Annual Figurative Show” (April 2020)



“Half Truths” (Photography: 2017); Special Recognition in the “Photography & Digital” Category

Exhibitor (Photography/Digital Art): The Santa Clarita Artists Association‘s “Vintage” Art Exhibition, (March 2020-April 2020)


“Denim Deviant” (Photography/Digital Art: 2017)

“Fight Cage Wonderland” (Photography/Digital Art: 2018)

Exhibitor (Photography/Digital Art): Fusion Art‘s “4th Annual Colors Art Exhibition,” (March 2020)


“Fight Cage Wonderland” (Photography/Digital Art: 2018); 2nd Place in Photography and Digital Art

“Metaphysical Inclinations” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

Exhibitor (Photography/Digital Art): The Los Angeles stARTup Art Fair, (February 2020)


“Realm of the Goddess” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

“A Midwinter Night’s Dream” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

“Metaphysical Inclinations” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

“Pastel” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

“Crooked by Dusk” (Photography: 2019)

“Winter Berries” (Photography: 2019)

“By Purple” (Photography/Digital Art: 2018)

“Agra’s Thicket of Flowers and Blood” (Photography/Digital Art: 2018)

“Civilization! Chaos! Corruption!” (Photography: 2017)

“Half Truths” (Photography: 2017)

“Linearity in Limbo” (Photography: 2017)

“Tears by Twilight” (Photography/Digital Art: 2017)

“Behind the Golden Lining” (Photography: 2016)

“Trees by Sea” (Photography/Digital Art: 2016)


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“Art Insider Feb. 11: Art fairs take over LA” (February 2020)
“5 Design Things to Do” (February 2020)

Exhibitor (Photography/Digital Art): Fusion Art‘s “5th Landscapes Exhibition,” (January 2020)


“Realm of the Goddess” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

“A Midwinter Night’s Dream” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

Exhibitor (Photography/Digital Art): Fusion Art‘s “5th Annual Colorful Abstractions Art Exhibition,” (December 2019)


“By Purple” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

“Glass Galaxies” (Photography/Digital Art: 2019)

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