“Grey” (Poetic-Prose Piece) and “Celestial Bodies” (Flash Fiction): To be published by Balkan Press in Conclave: Outliers (2020)

“Continues Cities 6” (Poetic-Prose Piece): {Semifinalist} — Published by Prometheus Dreaming in the Prometheus Unbound print collection (March 2020)

“Bindi” (Poem): Published by Rigorous Magazine, (February 2020)

“The Cycle of Embers” (Poetic-Prose Piece): Published by The Showbear Family Circus, (January 2020)

“Sexual Autonomy” (Poem): Included in For Women Who Roar’s e-book, Me Too, (December 2019)

“Aladdin” (Essay): Published by Awakenings (The Nightingale), (November 2019)

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