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Available for purchase here.

Silk & Cigars is Sanghvi’s third poetry collection and fourth published book.

Print and Kindle Editions Published: October 4th, 2019.

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The patriarchy is alive and well, feminine queerness struggles to exist even within the scope of modern-day feminism, and erasure/phobia are among the many issues still facing femmes in a world built upon foundations of misogyny and toxic masculinity.

Therefore, and more than just a queer poetry collection, Silk & Cigars is also the author’s personal love letter to femmes, femininity, and feminism. It’s a demonstration for change in a patriarchal world which continues to run on misogyny much to the detriment of all feminine people, and all things feminine.

Silk is powerful, pinks and purples are profound, and femininity in any fashion or form is one of the strongest and most beautiful things this universe has to offer.

Now, it’s up to us to ensure it prevails in the face of oppression.

“True [r]evelation of the soul… Both confessional and contemporary, Ami’s poetry is a blend of old and new, with quite a refreshing awareness! Two of my favorites from this book are, The End and As Freckles Fade.”

R.K., Amazon


“This book is packed full of imagery, emotions, and a willingness to convey the poet’s truth. As a reader and poet myself, I felt her fear, sorrow, and hope. I’m grateful for discovering another poet and appreciate the varying styles!”An interesting collection of poems focused on processing the author’s past loves and her struggle to be a ‘ferocious femme’…

I spent my 20s wearing lipstick because I thought it helped to camouflage the lesbian; this collection helped me see things from the other side of the looking glass. Instead of camo, the author chooses to see makeup as warpaint.”

— Angelic Rogers, Reedsy Discovery


“I really enjoyed this collection of poetry, but I expected no less from the author. This is the second collection I’ve read… She strings together so many beautiful words in the most gorgeous of ways. I really appreciate the vulnerability and heart she puts into her work.

Her poetry made me feel powerful, romantic, sad, and hopeful. I felt proud and comfortable as a woman. Excited to read more in the future!”

Kelli Green, Goodreads and Amazon


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