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donate to black people with disabilities
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Donate: Black/Black-Inclusive Funds and Non-Profit Organizations for People With Disabilities (#BlackLivesMatter)

Black/Black-Inclusive Non-Profit Organizations for People with Disabilities Justin Carpenter (In Need Trans/NB Artist with Disabilities) | Instagram: @grotessk) Black/Black-Inclusive Non-Profit Organizations for People with Disabilities The National Black Disability Coalition The Black Disability Collective The Disability Justice Culture Club The Disability Justice Mutual Aid Fund Ramp Your Voice! HEARD: Helping Educate to Advance the Rights …

why petitions are important
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Petitions [and Social Media] are Actually Effective in a Revolution; Here’s Why

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet (though you really should have by now), they’re finally reopening the case of Elijah McClain’s murder! Why? Because of all the signatures his petition(s) received! This is wonderful news! However, this is also in direct contradiction to all the rumors floating around that petitions and social media are useless …

black lives matter resource lists
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Donate: Organizations (#BlackLivesMatter)

So, you’re ready to donate. That’s great! Here’s a list of non-profit organizations currently taking donations. The *** indicates I have ongoing fundraisers for these organizations. Find more info at the bottom. Black/Black-Inclusive Non-Profit Organizations Reclaim the Block Campaign Zero The Racial Justice Network The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) The Marshall Project The Color …

victim funds
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Donate: Individual/Victim Funds (#BlackLivesMatter)

So, you’re ready to donate. That’s great! Here’s a list of individual/victim funds currently taking donations. Official George Floyd Memorial Fund George Floyd’s Daughter Fund The Breonna Taylor Fund The Ahmaud Arbery Fund The Regis Korchinski Fund The Jamee Johnson Fund The Trevor Belle Fund The Italia Kelley Fund The Maurice Gordon Fund The Support …

black lives matters petitions
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Petitions: Where to Find Them, and Where to Sign Them (#BlackLivesMatter)

As promised, here’s a collection of petitions you can [and absolutely should] be signing right now. I’ll be updating this as I find more, and I’ll also be posting more resource lists on my website in the coming days/weeks/months/etc. If you’re searching for ways you can help or more places to find information, check back …