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Southeast Asians for Black Lives: Knowing the Difference Between Colorism and Racism, and Why It Matters (#BLM)

As Lupita Nyong’o told BBC Newsnight just last year, “[colorism] is the daughter of racism [in] a world that rewards lighter skin over darker skin.” Now, don’t get me wrong; I’ve seen my fellow Southeast Asians doing their best to rally. The issue is that, unfortunately, many of us struggle to think beyond ourselves. This …

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Donate: Individual/Victim Funds (#BlackLivesMatter)

So, you’re ready to donate. That’s great! Here’s a list of individual/victim funds currently taking donations. Official George Floyd Memorial Fund George Floyd’s Daughter Fund The Breonna Taylor Fund The Ahmaud Arbery Fund The Regis Korchinski Fund The Jamee Johnson Fund The Trevor Belle Fund The Italia Kelley Fund The Maurice Gordon Fund The Support …

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Be a REAL Ally; Don’t Tell Black People How to Feel About Being Systemically Murdered

Here’s your daily, not-so friendly reminder that we (white people/non-black PoC) do not get to tell black people how to feel, react, etc. to quite literally being murdered by the same officials sworn to protect us. That this is the norm in our nation, let alone happens at all, is entirely unconscionable. If you are …